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Dental Implants

As a proud provider of dental implant crowns in Spring, TX, Dr. Reagan Smith from Oak Hills Dentistry answers hundreds of questions from patients exploring their treatment options for damaged or missing teeth every month. We love helping people avoid oral health issues by investing in high-quality solutions. If you have a question about dental implants or an oral problem and are curious about your possible treatment options, contact Dr. Reagan Smith at 281-350-8852, and he will give you a customized program.

If you’re interested in dental implants, Dr. Reagan Smith can help protect your smile with high-quality and natural-looking porcelain crown restorations to complete your implant procedure.

High-Quality Dental Implant Crowns from Oak Hills Dentistry in Spring, TX

Our patients rely on dental implant restorations to chew food comfortably, speak more clearly, and maintain the firmness of their facial features.

Dr. Reagan Smith and his team have decades of combined experience providing patients with painless crown restorations that offer long lasting benefits. Although dental implants are highly durable, the implant crown may need repair or replacement.

Patients often seek dental implant crown restorations for the following reasons:

  • They’ve completed their implant post surgery: After the implant post has been placed in the jaw, an abutment and crown are needed to complete the tooth replacement.
  • Their crowns are stained: Stains can result from consuming certain foods or drinks.
  • They have a loose crown: The dental crown sits on top of the dental implant abutment. If for any reason it loosens, Dr. Smith will reattach it to restore your bite.
  • Their crowns are chipped or damaged: Chewing hard foods or experiencing an injury can damage a dental implant crown.

The Dental Implant Crown Restoration Process

Dental implant restorations can save you from dental issues associated with tooth loss, such as cavities, tooth decay, and bone malformation. By ensuring your dental implant has a secure crown, you can be confident in your smile and continue enjoying your favorite foods.

The crown restoration process will vary depending on the problem you experience.

You Need a Dental Implant Crown

Dr. Smith will create a mold and color match your porcelain implant crown to fit on top of your implant post and abutment. After the implant crown has been custom created for your smile, we will seat the crown to ensure it’s secure and comfortable. Maintaining your dental implant through at home hygiene along with regular dental checkups and cleanings can extend the life of your newly restored smile.

Your Crown Fell Out

If your dental crown falls off your implant, schedule an appointment and bring it into the office. Dr. Smith will attempt to reattach it; however, you may need an entirely new one. Our team will help you find the best solution.

You Have a Broken or Damaged Crown

If your dental crown chips or breaks, Dr. Smith will see if he can restore it and secure it to your implant. In some cases, we can restore a damaged crown without taking it out of your mouth.

If the damage is too severe, Dr. Smith may recommend replacing it with a new, more durable dental crown.

Dental implant crown restorations from Dr. Reagan Smith can last a lifetime, and they do not require you to keep coming back to a dentist for readjustments. By using the latest dental technology and techniques, Dr. Smith and his team can provide long-lasting solutions.

Contact Us Today

If you want to get more accurate diagnoses or the lowest cost estimates on crown restorations for dental implants, contact Dr. Reagan Smith at Oak Hills Dentistry in Spring, TX, by calling 281-350-8852. Our five-star customer service team will book you an appointment after a short conversation about your oral health.

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