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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a safe, non-surgical solution designed to improve your smile. Your smile is important to us. At Oak Hills Dentistry in Spring, TX, Dr. Reagan Smith’s priority is providing effective treatment for all your dental care needs.

Please continue reading below to learn more about dental bridges and give us a call at Oak Hills Dentistry at 281-350-8852 for an accurate diagnosis, solutions for your dental concerns, and cost estimates.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are removable or permanent dental implants that replace missing teeth. A pontic, or artificial tooth, replaces the missing teeth and connects to the adjacent natural teeth with a bridge. If you have lost a tooth due to tooth decay or trauma, a dental bridge will:

  • Fill the gap where a tooth or teeth are missing
  • Keep natural teeth in place
  • Maintain the shape of your cheeks and jaw

A fixed bridge secures to the adjacent teeth with crowns

A removable bridge attaches to adjacent teeth with clasps for easy removal

Dr. Reagan Smith secures either type of bridge to your teeth depending on your existing natural teeth and preferences. Dental bridges require no surgery. Dr. Smith installs dental bridges within days of your first appointment. We construct dental bridges from durable metal alloys to reduce chipping or breaking of the bridge, crown, or surrounding teeth.

Dental Bridges Installation

Fully installed dental bridges require two appointments. During your first appointment, Dr. Reagan Smith will prepare the adjacent teeth, also called abutment teeth, to support the bridge. An impression of your teeth helps form the false teeth, bridge, and crowns.

Dr. Smith places crowns on adjacent teeth to provide support for the dental bridge. You can wear a temporary bridge during the creation of your permanent bridge. Dr. Reagan Smith will remove the temporary bridge and install the permanent bridge once the lab has custom-created it for your teeth.

Dental bridges can replace single teeth or multiple teeth. If you think dental bridges are for you, contact Dr. Smith at Oak Hill Dentistry to get a more accurate diagnosis of your specific dental needs, friendly and personalized service, and cost estimates.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges improve the appearance and functionality of damaged or broken teeth. Other advantages of dental bridges include:

  • Improved speech
  • Improved chewing and swallowing
  • Improved facial shape
  • Improved confidence
  • Strengthened natural teeth
  • Reduced tooth pain
  • Lower risk of gum disease

Improving your smile is our goal here at Oak Hills Dentistry. Whether you’ve suffered trauma to your teeth or seek a solution to stubborn tooth pain, Dr. Reagan Smith has you covered.

Visit us at Oak Hills Dentistry in Spring, TX, for Your Dental Bridges

Restore your beautiful smile with dental bridges today. At Oak Hills Dentistry in Spring, TX, Dr. Smith utilizes the most sophisticated techniques and equipment available. When you come to Oak Hills, we provide thorough examinations, accurate diagnoses, a variety of treatment options, and cost estimates. If you or a loved one would benefit from dental bridges, call us at Oak Hills Dentistry at 281-350-8852 to schedule your appointment. Keep smiling!

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