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Oral Cancer Screening, Spring TX

Smiling couple happy after oral cancer screening in Spring, TX

Oral cancer screening is a simple yet essential procedure that involves a thorough examination of the mouth to identify any signs of cancer. The early detection of oral cancer can significantly improve the chances of successful treatment and recovery.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize the importance of regular oral cancer screenings, and as a result, oral cancer is often diagnosed in its advanced stages. Late-stage diagnosis is particularly concerning because oral cancer has a high fatality rate, making it essential to detect and treat the condition as early as possible.

If you reside in Spring, TX, we urge you to schedule an oral cancer screening at Oak Hills Dentistry. Dr. Reagan Smith and our team of experienced dental care providers use state-of-the-art technology to perform comprehensive oral cancer screenings. We can detect any abnormalities or suspicious growths in your mouth, including the tongue, gums, and lips.

Early diagnosis of oral cancer offers a range of benefits, including increased treatment options, better treatment outcomes, and lower costs. Our team will provide you with a more accurate diagnosis, detailed treatment options, and cost estimates based on your individual circumstances.

At Oak Hills Dentistry, we are committed to helping our patients achieve optimal oral health. If you have any concerns about oral cancer, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening. Our team will provide you with personalized care and support every step of the way.

What is Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a type of cancer that affects any part of the mouth, including the lips, tongue, gums, and other areas of the mouth. It can develop in the salivary glands, the tonsils, or the pharynx. Oral cancer may also be referred to as mouth cancer.

What Is the Process for Oral Cancer Screening?

When you schedule oral cancer screening at Oak Hills Dentistry, Dr. Reagan Smith will examine all areas of your mouth, including the gums, soft tissue, palate, and tongue.

Before the screening, you must remove all oral appliances, such as retainers and dentures. This helps to expose every possible area of the mouth and throat that may be prone to oral cancer.

Dr. Smith starts by looking for signs of abnormal tissue, such as:

  • Swelling
  • Sores
  • Hard lumps or bumps
  • Red and white bumps
  • Rough patches
  • Changes in teeth position


During the oral cancer screening process, Dr. Smith will also examine the face, neck, lips, inside of the nose, and back of the throat. He will look for anything out of the ordinary by touching the head and cheeks around the jaw, inside the oral cavity, and under the chin. Any unusual masses or nodules noted may need further examination.

If Dr. Smith finds an abnormality during an oral cancer screening, he’ll take a sample of the cells for a biopsy. The results of the biopsy determine the best way forward.

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Dentist using a small mirror to look for signs of oral cancer

Oral cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the mouth and can be caused by different risk factors. It is important for individuals to be aware of these risk factors and to take preventive measures to reduce their risk of developing oral cancer. Some of the risk factors for oral cancers include:

  • Age (People older than 45 have an increased risk for oral cancer)
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Gender (men are more prone to getting oral cancer)
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Weakened immune system
  • Poor oral hygiene


However, recent findings show an increase in patients diagnosed with oral cancer who have not exhibited a single risk factor. If you have a family history of cancer, schedule an oral cancer screening at Oak Hills Dentistry in Spring, TX, to receive a more accurate diagnosis with possible treatment options and cost estimates.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is a way to detect early signs or symptoms of cancer in the mouth. Early detection is key in treating and ensuring a successful outcome with oral cancer. Oral cancer screening can detect a number of different types of cancer, including oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and oropharyngeal cancers. Through regular oral cancer screenings, people can detect any abnormalities or signs of cancer before they become more dangerous and harder to treat.

The benefits of oral cancer screenings include:

  • It can save your life: Early detection of oral cancer makes treatment easier and increases your chances of surviving. Regular oral cancer screenings increase the likelihood of early detection. Additionally, oral cancer screenings can help to identify any new or changing risk factors for oral cancer, allowing for preventive measures to be taken.
  • It’s inexpensive: Your dentist can screen for oral cancer during your regular dental exam, usually at no extra fee. You only need to pay extra when the dentist finds cancer and you need further treatment.
  • It’s easy: An oral cancer screening typically involves simple visual and physical examinations. No long, intensive tests.

Who Should Undergo Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screening should be done on all adults over the age of 18. Those with a family history of oral cancer or other risk factors for oral cancer, such as smoking or heavy alcohol consumption, should have their mouths checked by a dentist or doctor on a regular basis.

Smiling female undergoing Oral Cancer Screening at Oak Hills Dentistry

Contact Us Today for Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that affects millions of people around the world each year. Fortunately, with regular oral cancer screenings, it is often possible to detect the early warning signs of this disease and take appropriate action to prevent it from becoming more serious. By scheduling an appointment with Oak Hills Dentistry, you can benefit from the expertise of highly trained professionals who can provide you with a thorough examination, accurate diagnosis, and personalized treatment plan to help you manage your oral health. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call Oak Hills Dentistry today to schedule your oral cancer screening and take the first step towards better oral health and a healthier, happier life.