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Smiling couple happy after oral cancer screening in Spring, TX

Today’s article is for individuals in their golden years who want to upgrade their smile by straightening their teeth.

There are many perks to retirement. Waking up whenever you want. Time to devote to your favorite hobbies or humanitarian causes. Traveling. Grandchildren.

Braces Aren’t Just For Teens

It’s not all a picnic, however. Many older men and women have health problems, limited mobility, and financial concerns. Though some issues can’t be avoided, others can. Crooked teeth, for instance.

Could Your Smile Benefit From Adult Braces?

Orthodontics can correct all types of tooth alignment issues. Overbite? Gap between your two front teeth? Crowded teeth?

With modern orthodontics at Eric Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry, older men and women can have a phenomenal smile that looks as young as they feel.

Let’s discuss some orthodontic options.

Self-ligating Braces

Traditional braces have brackets and an archwire. The brackets are mounted to the teeth and the archwire is attached to the brackets. With self-ligating braces, the archwire is connected to the brackets with a spring clip. This replaces the plastic color band necessary with conventional metal braces.


Invisalign uses clear aligners instead of metal or ceramic brackets. With Invisalign aligners, you switch aligners every couple of weeks as your teeth gently shift into place.

How can straightening crooked teeth benefit you in your golden years?

We all know that an attractive smile improves one’s appearance. Everyone wants to look more attractive. However, the benefits aren’t purely aesthetic.

      • They feel good when you rub your tongue over them!

      • You are less likely to experience periodontitis (advanced gum disease)

      • Straight teeth can restrict cavities

      • You are less likely to feel tooth pain due to displacement or misalignment

    Braces + Tooth Implants for a Complete Smile Makeover

    Regardless of your age, it is not too late to improve your smile–even if you have some missing teeth. Braces combined with dental implant procedures can transform a smile.

    If you would like to consider teeth straightening, I invite you to schedule a consultation with Oak Hills Dentistry at your convenience.

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