3 Reliable Steps To Find The Best Dentist

Regular cleanings and checkups are part of your first line of defense against dental health issues, so naturally you want to have the best dentist possible. What should you look for? If you’re new in town, or have been looking around for a new dentist, Oak Hills Dentistry suggests the following. Location and Office Hours: […]

Great Reasons to Floss Your Teeth

Flossing is a bit of a chore. It takes a little extra time, and if you haven’t flossed in a while, it can even be painful. It’s no wonder our team at Oak Hills Dentistry is constantly reminding our patients to ‘brush and floss!’ Flossing is critical, You’ll never hear one of us say ‘Don’t […]

Not Happy With Your Gums? Ask About Contouring

Some Spring dental patients who are interested in a full smile makeover might want to consider gum contouring. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is helpful for people who feel that their gums rest too low or too high on their teeth. If you feel that your gums cover too much of the surface of your teeth, […]

Maximizing Your Dental Visit: Things To Do Before Your Dental Exam

Maximizing Your Dental Visit: Things To Do Before Your Dental Exam

Are you making the most out of your dental visits? Regular dental exams are crucial for maintaining good oral health, but there’s more we can do to maximize the benefits of these appointments. In this article, we’ll explore various steps to take before our dental exam to ensure that we get the best possible care […]

What Are The Different Types of Sedation dentistry

Smiling Spring, TX teeth whitening patient with a bright white smile

Are you seeking dental care that is both comfortable and safe? Sedation dentistry may be the perfect option for you. Sedation dentistry is a type of dental care that uses general anesthesia to make you feel sleepy and relaxed. This allows your dentist to perform dental procedures without any fear of causing you pain or […]